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[13], (As an aside, CIA officer William Harvey worked for Bobbs-Merrill in the last years of his life as a law editor.[14]). Joe was unable to determine if the arson was assassination-related. All that I knowand the attending dead endswere passed along to a researcher and author in Dallas a few years ago. [9] Carolyn Arnold statement in Byrd/TSBD Concerns posted by Martin Barkley on May 24, 2000 on the JFK Today website. Mr. PREYER - It was your conclusion from that talk that some of these people might have knowledge that he was a CIA agent rather than that they were speculating about it? The day after their disappearance, an estimated 20 Dallas policemen pulled up on front of my apartment. Mr. WILCOTT - Oh, yes. Mae Brussell showed copies of this document to the editors of Globe. Mr. GOLDSMITH - I am not sure that that is responsive. Mr. GOLDSMITH - Were there any other times during your stay with the CIA at XXXXXXXXXX Station that you came across information that Oswald had been a CIA agent? would that interview have contained your resume of the Oswald agency matter, your statements about that matter? Three of the seven boxes appear in a photograph in his book. Mr. DODD - When did you leave to go back? [16] At the same time, the president of the company, Jack Cason, spent five days a week, Monday through Friday, in uniform at Fort Wolters at Mineral Wells (80 miles west of Dallas). He said he went back inside and went into the basement for ten minutes, supposedly eating his lunch.[25]. Mr. GOLDSMITH - At the time that this allegation first came to your attention, did you learn the name of Oswald's Case Offficer at the CIA? Mr. WILCOTT - I cannot remember. There was talk about it going on at the station, and several months following at the station. [17] Gladys Cason, One Life, self-published book, 2004, pp. Mr. WILCOTT - It was right at my window, my disbursing cage window. (sic) Mr. WILCOTT - I worked from the years, May, of 1957 to, April, of 1966. I spoke to groups in their homes and I spoke to groups in the Peace and Freedom Party and I was with the Peace and Freedom Party for several years. Mr. GOLDSMITH - And your testimony has been truthful and candid? And when did you begin to develop attitudes of dissatisfaction with the Agency and its reaction and attitudes toward what you described as undemocratic principles and a lack of humanism? Mr. WILCOTT - That was November of 1977. Mr. WILCOTT - I doubt it, sir. Mr. CORNWELL - Do you have any knowledge, based upon your tenure XXXXXXX as to who would have trained Oswald in the Russian language if that occurred? Earlier that year, he graduated from Crozier Technical School in Dallas. Mr. GOLDSMITH - If the agency, in fact, was run on the "need-to-know" basis, how would you account for so many people supposedly knowing that Oswald was an agent? There is a vast literature on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, . Mr. WILCOTT - No, sir, not that I can recall. I asked Mr. Peets if he knew of any member of the band who disappeared in Dallas in the mid-1970s. He refused to let me quote him or use his name in print. In my letter to him, I praised him for his courage and expressed the hope that someday he might fill in the gaps of his story for the sake of history. Mr. GOLDSMITH - How did this information concerning Oswald first come to your attention? As mentioned, I was forced to flee Dallas until another day. How much exact knowledge they had it is impossible for me to say. Mr. PREYER - And have you made that available to us? Mr. PREYER - I will ask a few questions. Wilcott's Full HSCA Testimony EXECUTIVE SESSION ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 1978 House of Representatives, John F. Kennedy Subcommittee of the Select Committee on Assassinations, As mentioned, this woman, her husband, and young child disappeared within hours after my interview. Since a cubic foot of books is about 25 to 30 pounds, a box such as this, when loaded with books, would have weighed around 375 to 450 poundstoo heavy to manage with a handcart. The book depository was in a seven-story, red brick building located at 411 Elm Street. Mr. WILCOTT - No. Needless to say, she never did wear that dress. Mr. WILCOTT - That is right. Mr. Wilcott, maybe we can expedite this somewhat by asking you this: Do you have any first-hand knowledge or information as to a link between the failed Bay of Pigs operation and the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Poison Patriarch : How the Betrayals of Joseph P. Kennedy Caused the. Mr. WILCOTT - Or perhaps January. Mr. SAWYER - What would they say? If it is true that Shelley was affiliated in some way with CIA or U.S. intelligence, that would be a disturbing and potentially significant development.[10]. Mr. WILCOTT - Jerry Fox, SR Branch, Reid Dennis, Chief of Soviet Satellite Branch; and XXXXXXXXXX, China Branch, and he also had a cover. Download the free Kindle app and start reading Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Mr. SAWYER - Are there any others that you can specifially identify as coming from the CIA or FBI? Through another researcher, I obtained Glazes mailing address. Mr. WILCOTT - Not at this time. Considering what William Harvey wrote about creating phony 201 files for ZR/RIFLE scapegoats, an obvious first question is: How genuine is Oswald's file (or what little we have . Mr. WILCOTT - It was at least a matter of weeks and perhaps as much as three months after. Namely the mention that Shelley was a CIA operative, while at the same time he was an employee in the schoolbook business. ", and they might look it over and retype the accounting for funds for their project and, you know, make changes that they might think were in their interest to do. Mr. WILCOTT - Yes, sir. Mr. WILCOTT - Well, I believed it to be a little more than speculation, that the source at least of this kind of talk was, I believe, to be something more serious than speculation. Also in this investigative report is information and connections on prime suspects : CIA Agent William King Harvey, CIA Agent George Joannides , CIA Agent David Altee Phillips and the confessions of CIA agent David Sanchez Morals and E Howard Hunt. I don't know that anyone has ever looked into it. Did you contact any CIA officer or employee with respect to the secrecy oath and discuss with them whether or not you should be permitted to discuss these matters outside of the Agency? Mr. CORNWELL - However, I take it from the fact that, as you describe it, it wasn't always applied, that occasionally you did learn something about the identities of the persons or projects that the cryptonyms referred to; is that correct? Mr. WILCOTT - Yes, sir. One of said employees, her husband, and child, disappeared without a trace a few hours after granting me an interview. Currently he has been studying the Zodiac Killer case and writes for a website called zodiackilleridentified.com. We should not jump to conclusions, since we do not know the entity that was actually paying him. But I was intrigued -- and it may have been in the transcription but you were in XXXXX as financial disbursement officer -- is it your testimony that you were told by a case officer that you had disbursed funds for an Oswald project? Mr. WILCOTT - My current one that I had on my counter. It was a total loss. If Shelleys claim to Glaze about his association with the CIA is true, it indicates that he was leading a double life as a schoolbook man as well as an intelligence operative. James and Elsie Wilcott: CIA Profile in Courage From: . Mr. WILCOTT - Yes, sir. My address is 2761 Atlantic Street, in Concord, and my occupation is electronic technician. December 30, 2005 in JFK Assassination Debate Share Followers 0 Posted December 30, 2005 I started to read through the HSCA testimony of James Wilcott on the History Matters website, and ran across this line on page 1: "Approximately April-June, 1963, Cryptonym for Oswald Project approx. Mr. WILCOTT - Yes, sir, I did. Mr. CORNWELL - Had you done anything or said anything engaged in any activity which became of concern to them? The Zapruder Film: An Investigative Report, Project Northwoods, Operation Mockingbird And The Assassination Of JFK MLK And RFK: An Investigative Report, JFK ASSASSINATION AND THE DAVID FERRIE FILES: - An Investigative Report With New And Related 2017/2018 JFK Document Releases, Wall Of Secrecy - Inside The JFK Assassination: - How James Angleton & William Harvey Set Up An Assassination Team Inside The CIA, Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Update your device or payment method, cancel individual pre-orders or your subscription at. [2] As we shall see, there is evidence that Oswald worked with another CIA agent in Dallas. Mr. WILCOTT - That is right. Mr. WILCOTT - Well, from May of 1957 to January of 1960 - Mr. CORNWELL - In other words, that is, the first two letters or the last ones would have been the same as this? Mr. WILCOTT - Not really files; it was my book. Mr. WILCOTT - I really don't know. I asked the first man I sawa man who was telephoning from a pillar in the middle of the roomwhere I could call from. I think, or I am certain, in my own mind, that, if these people were approached that some of these people -- Garner went on to say that at the same time, around 1969, William Shelley quit the book depository and began working for Scott Foresman. At the time of the assassination of JFK, Wilcott worked at the Agency's Tokyo station where he said he was told by other Agency personnel that funds he himself had disbursed were for "Oswald" or the "Oswald Project." [15] Shelley testimony, Volume 6 of the Warren Commission Hearings and Exhibits on page 327, hereafter to be cited as 6H327. Walther was sure they were not as high as the sixth floor. And their security that there is in the Government didn't strike me as the kind of security that would keep me from getting attacked in some way, if someone wanted to do it. A fellow researcher named Eric Lee Jordan visited the site and took pictures of it. Mr. WILCOTT - Anything they had there would have -- sometimes they used as many as two or three different cryptonyms and they would have -- it all depended on how far they wanted to isolate it from the original source, from the original source as to where the project was run. If you have something -- Mr. GOLDSMITH - To your knowledge, would any records at CIA Headquarters document that Oswald was a CIA agent? Mr. GOLDSMITH - And are you saying then that you attempted to investigate this allegation? He was an accomplished journalist and author and had worked as a radio engineer in his early career. Mr. WILCOTT - Very much. Mr. WILCOTT - Yes. Last modified on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 03:08, The JFK Assassination Decoded: Two Reviews, Malcolm X's Family to File $100 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Alleging Cover-up of His Murder, A Personal Encounter with the Warren Commission, JFK Medical Betrayal: Where The Evidence Lies by Russell Kent, The CIA and the Texas School Book Depository. Mr. WILCOTT - I don't remember his name now offhand. The 1960 directory lists him as a department manager for the Texas School Book Depository, living in a house at 126 Tatum Avenue. . Mr. WILCOTT - June of 1964. Told to report to base by the tower. I think you are making some important allegations here, and you have been very helpful in giving some witnesses' names through which we might be able to corroborate it, but I think it is very important that we know clearly how much of this was cocktail party talk and how much was shop talk and how much was speculation and rumor and how much was hard fact. I had been involved at one point with a group civil rights group, and they had investigated it and said that there was no wrongdoing on my part as far a this association with the civil rights group. Mr. WILCOTT - I don't confirm any of them except with the community renewal program as coming from there and I am. Mr. DODD - I am just a little confused, I guess, over your reaction. When, exactly, was the very first time that you heard or came across information that Oswald was an agent? Yet their new location was seven miles south of the intersection of Royal Lane and Interstate 35 at 8301 Ambassador Row. Mr. WILCOTT - No, sir. Mr. WILCOTT - Yes, he was. Mr. WILCOTT - Not directly, no, sir. Mr. GOLDSMITH - How many people made this reference to Oswald being an agent of the CIA? Mr. CORNWELL - What, if any, investigation did the Agency do with respect to that? EXECUTIVE SESSION For in Barry Ernests book, The Girl on the Stairs, the reader will read that both Vickie Adams and Sandy Styles told Barry that they did not see either Shelly or Lovelady when they descended from the fourth floor to the first. Mr. WILCOTT - That is correct. G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Director. Mr. WILCOTT - Well, actually even prior to the Kennedy, assassination, my wife and I both became disturbed about the stories that we kept hearing about things, control of newspapers and so on. Missing evidence could be attributed to the systematic destruction of anything contrary to the official version. Mr. PREYER - Well, that is the other question that I want to be very sure on. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Mr. WILCOTT - No, sir. Afterwards, she, her husband, and their child quickly disappeared. Mr. GOLDSMITH - Are you saying, then, that the cash disbursement files as a matter of routine would be periodically destoryed? The stark contrast in the quality of scholarship between the two books was one factor convincing him that there was a huge conspiracy behind the assassination. Mr. GOLDSMITH - I take it, from your testimony, that in November of 1963, you were stationed in XXXXXXXXXXXXX Station, is that correct? This was preparing and reconciling payrolls. Mine was a happenstance meeting and short, casual friendship with a man who appeared to have fallen through the cracks. [27] Gerald McKnight, Breach of Trust p. 115. He had keen interests in history and weather, and much of his writing related to these. Like Frazier, who was eating lunch in the basement, Oswald went to the first-floor lunchroom to eat his lunch. Mr. PREYER - How many people were at the station in XXXXXXXXXXX approximately? Your interest in the work of our Committee is appreciated. Mr. GOLDSMITH - Well, in other words, if you got the information three months after the assassination, Oswald had already been dead for three months, is that right? Please try your request again later. Mr. SCHAAP - Mr. Chairman, I would like to interpose, I guess, an objection, although I would like to make it more in the nature of a request, that I have some problems in terms of advising my client with respect to possibly self incrimination, that I would not advise him to go into questions of his specific knowledge of the oath and the application to what he did other than the fact that he has told you, which is a fact, that he did sign the oath; but to, go into his mental processes as to whether he felt what he was then doing related to the oath in a particular way, I would request that those questions not be asked on the grounds that they may violate either his First Amendment rights or his Fifth Amendment rights, if that would be all right. Mr. GOLDSMITH - Who was George Breen? There was a fourth calm man, perhaps unnoticed by MacNeil, who was getting a coke on the second floor.